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Core Aeration

Benefits from Core Aeration?                                    

  • Thatch management, helps speed up thatch decomposition and allowds water, fertilizer and air to reach the root system more easily

  • healthy grass requires thick deep roots. Aerating creates hundreds of small growth pockets that catch water and fertilizer, thus allowing roots to expand and grow deeper.

  • Soil compaction- allows  soil to decompress by removing cores of soil that will allow the remaining soil to expand, giving roots a looser structure in which to grow


 Do I need Core Aeration?                                                

  • Soil has heavy clay, also if your house was recently built it is more likely that it has clay soil buried.                                                                                                                                

  • If your lawn get used alot, heavy traffic use due to kids playing alot in the lawn, frequent parties, or big dogs running around the lawn it is likely that soil is compacted                                                                                 

  • Water does not drain properly, puddles of water in lawn        

  • If your lawn has a lot of thatch buildup

When to Core Aerate my lawn?

  • The best time to aerate your lawn is when the grass start growing which will be early spring and fall.


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