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Spring Cleanups

Our spring cleanup service is a very important part for our maintenance clients or any other homeowner. This is the inital vist to get your lawn and landscape looking its best for the summer.

What does a Spring Cleanup include?

  • You can customise the cleanup to your needs but our full spring clueanp includes the following

  • For lawns it includes removal of debris leftover from  winter; sticks, branches, rocks, litter, leaves.

  • Dethatch/ Power Raking & hauling away debris

  • Mowing the lawn at a low setting

  • Power Edging the sidewalks, trimming & edging lawn with line trimmer

  • Core Aeration

  • Application of pre- emergant fertilizer (weed & feed)

  • Sweeping  the entire property with a power blower

  • For landscape beds it includes removal of leaves, sticks, litter, rocks. Cultivating soil beds with out mulch, redefining edging.


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