Dethatching / Power Raking

First of all you need to know what thatch is. Thatch is a layer of living and dead organisms like leaves, dead stems and roots. It is  the layer between the soil and growing grass. Thatch is good for your lawn but too much will actually sufficate your lawn not letting water , nutrients and oxygen get to the roots properly.

Thatch is good for your lawn but too much of it can actually be bad blocking air, water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Click Here to read more...



Benefits from Power Raking?

  • Eliminate thatch layer therefore letting proper nutrients , water and oxygen get to the roots

  • promotes thicker and healthier looking lawns


 Do I need Power Raking?

  • Thatch layer is in excess of 1' - 2'

  • If your lawn looks thin

  • Water does not drain properly, water puddlesin lawn

When to Power Rake?

  • The best time to power rake is in spring


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